Work at i-PRO


i-PRO was spun off from Panasonic and established as a new company in October 2019.  

i-PRO is a dynamic organization where diverse employees learn from one another and grow together. 

Our members include those who possess skills and knowledge cultivated during their time at Panasonic. Others joined i-PRO more recently, sharing our excitement in the challenge of launching a new company. Together, we leverage one another’s strengths in our efforts.  

We hire people of different nationalities who work for us in over 20 countries, collaborating as one truly global company to understand customers better and deliver the best products.  

i-PRO’s history has just begun, and we are still developing ourselves! We look forward to welcoming new colleagues, who are ready to grow with us and create the future of i-PRO by demonstrating our behavioral values - Flexible, Bold, and Trusted! 

Sachiko Okamoto   

Chief Human Resources Officer

Pursue Possibilities


i-PRO became independent from Panasonic in October 2019. We have been working to transform our business to achieve dramatic growth, under a newly formulated mid-term strategy.

Together with us, our colleagues create i-PRO and deliver new value to society, and we are working together to solve our customers' problems.

At i-PRO, we expect each employee to make an impact as a professional. To that end, i-PRO supports the professional growth of all employees.

 Diversity & Inclusion Policy

i-PRO believes that the diversity of our employees is the source of fundamental value creation.

Our management team aims to create a mature organization in which each of our diverse employees act independently while working towards shared goals.

We believe that fully utilizing the diversity within an organization maximizes its potential for innovation and enables more reliable decision-making, while minimizing blind spots.

i-PRO openly collaborates with various players and vendors around the world to deliver products and services to markets worldwide. Fostering an organizational culture that understands, embraces, and leverages geographic cultural diversity is a management priority for us.

i-PRO has also been successful in accelerating organizational transformation by increasing the percentage of women in management since its spin-off from Panasonic. However we recognize that there is still room for improvement in gender diversity at i-PRO and industry-wide.

In light of this, i-PRO has positioned “geographic diversity" and "gender diversity" as the focus areas of our D&I, and has set goals at the corporate level to plan and implement measures to address them. In addition, a D&I Leadership Team will be formed in each legal entity to set and follow up on D&I goals that meet the needs of each entity on an ongoing basis.