The Power of Truth


We strive to capture moments of underlying truth to better support the decisions of those professionals who protect and save lives, providing a safer and more peaceful world. 

We have taken on the challenge to develop technological solutions that extend human senses with innovations that inform and protect, even in the most challenging environments. 

We envision a future where it’s possible to prevent unfortunate events. A future where we can discover unknown diseases and cure them.

We will be a trusted partner, focusing on the needs of our partners and customers to help create a safer and more peaceful world. 

Origin of the company name i-PRO

The “i” in i-PRO speaks of our firm commitment to imaging, intelligence, and integration. The “PRO,” relates to the environment we have created, where every team member approaches their work with utmost professionalism.

The Nexus, our brand symbol 

Nexus logo
Nexus logo

We link people with the information they need to make decisions. Our symbol — the Nexus — embodies this central role in empowering our customers.  

The Nexus is comprised of a series of nodes — representing the raw data that provides critical insights which drive our customers’ actions. It leads to the letter “i,” the first letter in our name, as a sign off on the quality we deliver. 

Together, the arrangement represents the way we tailor our hardware and software to deliver complete solutions for each of our customers so they can take decisive action in the moments that matter.  

Together with our name, the symbol’s clear geometry and integrated configuration demonstrates the power of our i-PRO platform.