Quality Policy 


Principles on Dealing with Quality 

Quality drives everything we do. Under this principle we have been continually raising the reliability of our products through our own quality management standard based on the know-how we have accumulated over the last 60 years . We are extremely proud that customers worldwide recognize that product quality today.  

When i-PRO became an independent entity, we changed the corporate direction to be a focused manufacturer. As a result, the number of new products launched in a year is seven times more than when we were affiliated with Panasonic. Also, to support the different requirements of our customers, we collaborate with a range of business partners with a focus on companies that specialize in AI, rather than developing all components of a solution in-house.    

Our products and business continue to evolve and advance as we undertake this journey. The speed of AI’s evolution, rapid changes including heightened product security requirements, changing mindset on privacy, and varying regulation changes make predicting requirements more challenging. 

The foundation of the quality control we have been building for decades will not change. However, we must take a new approach to quality to anticipate and respond to the rapid changes. This means thinking of how the products installed in our customers’ environments can address evolving requirements and meet their specific needs while at the same time ensuring the highest level of quality. Our focus must address quality not only before shipping our products, but also after delivering them to our customers. We will continue to raise our quality control capability while continuing to innovate and increase the quality of our products to meet customers’ needs in a changing world.   


Shohei Ozaki,

President & Chief Quality Officer, i-PRO Co., Ltd.