Product Security 

i-PRO Product Security Policy 

At i-PRO, we flexibly adapt to the rapid changes in the environment and the latest technological advancements while striving to ensure the security of our products and services. 


Protecting our products and services from cyberattacks is our top priority. To this end, we have incorporated the latest security measures into the entire life cycle of our products and services. 


Furthermore, in strict compliance with international laws and regulations, we have established a special support team for product security that continuously collects external information. Inspections that include risk assessments and vulnerability detection are actively conducted, and we have introduced a system that allows us to quickly implement measures in the unlikely event a vulnerability is detected after delivery so our customers can use our products and services safely and securely. 



i-PRO has established the Product Security Incident Response Team (PSIRT) to ensure product security. PSIRT is an expert group specializing in product security. The team provides guidance to designers regarding threat analysis for cyberattacks and proactively implements security measures in the planning and development of products and services. In the event a vulnerability is detected in the market, PSIRT can quickly decide on a response policy and implement countermeasures. The team takes the lead in the implementation of the i-PRO product security policy throughout the lifecycle of products and services. 


Training and Disclosure of Information 

Our designers and developers are continuously trained on the latest cybersecurity threats and countermeasures. We also provide information through white papers and conduct awareness activities for our stakeholders and customers in order to create an environment where our products and services can be used safely and securely. 


Response to Vulnerabilities 

i-PRO collaborates with the Japan Computer Emergency Response Team Coordination Center (JPCERT/CC) to manage and respond to security vulnerabilities using the MITRE Corporation database (one of the largest in the world) for common vulnerabilities and exposures (CVE) to conduct research and development for the U.S. government in order to quickly determine and address common problems related to product security for various products, services, and systems. 


We seek to reduce risks, which may occur in the operating environment of our customers, by identifying potential vulnerabilities and cyberattacks that are becoming more and more sophisticated each day. In cases where information of a vulnerability in our products or services is received, i-PRO uses Japan Vulnerability Notes (JVN) to provide guidance in the response method according to the operating environment of the client.